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When it comes to an SUV brand, there is hardly any that enjoys a better goodwill and recognition in the market than the Land Rover. In fact, the Land Rover remains as one of the longest living SUV brands ever. Originally there was just a single all-terrain utility vehicle but then this British company came out with several distinct models, and they are all four-wheel drives. Many companies such as British Aerospace, British Leyland and BMW have owned the Land Rover brand. Now it is owned by Premier Automotive Group, which is a division of Ford. But the company planning on selling the brand again and there are quite a few bidders, the leading among which is the Tata Motors of India.

Land Rover is a tough vehicle and people who own it love to go to the outdoors on camping and fishing trips. Then there are those who take their vehicles to industrial areas where there is a lot of pollution because they know that the tough body can withstand the pollution better. Land Rover is also used close to the mines where there is a lot of dust. But to make the vehicle offer optimum performance, the Land Rover needs to be well protected. And for that there are Land Rover car covers. This is where you will find the best materials for your Land Rover car covers.

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